Coding Bootcamp Research

My name is Krista Schnell, and I am a PhD student in the Sociology Department at UC Berkeley. As part of my master's research, I am conducting interviews with people who have previously attended a coding bootcamp (graduation not required). The project centers around the motivations behind and reasons why people attend coding bootcamps.

An interview typically lasts about one hour. Mostly, I will ask you about your education and your decision-making process up to and through attending a coding bootcamp. The interview can take place at a time and place most convenient to you. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, I would prefer to meet in-person; however if you live elsewhere, a video call can also be arranged. As with most sociological research like this, I will never use your name or any identifying information in my master's thesis or anywhere else.

If you have any questions or are interested in participating, please fill out the contact form below. Thank you!

*Note: As of Oct. 2018, I am only recruiting women who have attended a coding bootcamp and have an undergraduate degree that is not in computer science.

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